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Lawn Services: Why are they important?

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Do you want to turn your scraggly lot into a lush lawn? We've got just the help for you!  Advanced Property Care takes pride in providing you expert advice and care to help preserve your lawn's beauty and health.  We know exactly what height to cut your yard, as cutting too low could stress out your grass and cause those nasty brown patches all over your yard.  It's important to continually care for your lawn from aeration and seeding to mowing and weed-eating.  If your lawn goes untreated or neglected, your property will become home to many insects, reptiles and other critters that can not only cause damage to your lawn but also makes for an unsafe area for you and your family.  Make sure you contact Advanced Property Care Professionals to handle all of your lawn care needs!

Is your yard mostly weeds?  No worries, Advanced Property Care will come and treat your weed-filled yard and turn it into a lush, green paradise that will provide you with not only a gorgeous lawn but also increase the value of your property. Advanced Property Care can also provide other services such as hedge and shrub trimming, edging, mulching, fertilization, and leaf removalBe sure to ask for a free quote using the form to the right!  Satisfaction Guaranteed!